Royal Emerald Tea

What is Royal Emerald Tea?

A new style of powder green tea that is both delicious and convenient.

  • Vivid Green Color
    Additive‐free & No artificial coloring.
  • Less Bitterness
    Smooth taste, perfect for tea recipes.
  • Authentic Taste
    Creating a good cup of green tea is easy.

Particular about Our Tea

  • Safe and Savory
    No pesticides used 6 months before harvest.
    Original 15-year long soil development.
  • Choice Tea Leaves (New Cultivar)
    Main ingredient is cultivar“Tsuyuhikari”.
    Original blend recipes.
  • Traditional Techniques & New Methods
    World agricultural heritage, “Chagusaba”.
    Special stone mill for grinding into powder.

Product specifications

Gold medal award
2014 Excellent processed food contest of Shizuoka Prefecture.

Product name Royal Emerald Tea®
Raw materials Green Tea
Producing district Shizuoka Prefecture
Best before 1year from Production date
Internal capacity 50g(25 sticks × 2 cans)
Preservation method Please keep in a cool dark place, away from direct sunlight, high humidity and heat.
Selling price ¥ 2,916 (tax included)
Royal Emerald Tea®

Royal Emerald Tea